Do you want to experience your first steps on the shop floor at Vanderstraeten NV? You’re welcome! We will gladly support an enthusiastic and driven apprentice and with a ton of professional experience.  Which challenging apprenticeship are you cut out for?

Administrative clerk
Starting with simple executive tasks and gradually working up to more complex tasks. At the right time in the learning and training process.

Human Resources
You will be an apprentice as part of the Human Resources Department. You will be deployed in general support duties for the department.

Project manager
As an apprentice, under the supervision of a skilled project manager,  you will learn the ropes of the trade. This experienced project manager will support you throughout the entire process.

Site manager
As an apprentice, shadow the people in the project team to get a good picture of what their work involves day in day out. The intention is that you will also take on certain tasks so that it is not simply work shadowing.

We are looking for an apprentice who can take initiative. Your tasks will include: answering calls, administration, welcoming and supporting customers,..

Send your CV and cover letter to Sandy Clerckx, HR Manager, via email:

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Vanderstraeten biedt totaaloplossingen voor bouwprojecten. Wij staan in voor het mee ontwerpen, bouwen, financieren en onderhouden van gebouwen voor de publieke en private sector.  Samenwerking met alle betrokken partners staat hierbij centraal.  Hierbij investeren we in onze mensen, innovatie en kennis, waardoor we steeds kwaliteit voorop kunnen stellen.