VDS group


A building is only as sturdy as its foundations. The same applies to our company. Fortunately, we can build upon three solid foundations. Vanderstraeten, Peremans and Execon are jointly established in the VDS Group. With offices in Lummen and Halle, together we are a strong and experienced player in Flanders. 

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Established in 1937 and so now with more than 80 years of experience in the building sector. A family company where love of the profession has been passed on from father to son. But at the same time being a high-tech enterprise at the leading edge of progress. Respect for tradition and a keen eye for innovation combine to perfection. 



The youngest in the group. Fifteen years after its foundation the company has more than 30 experienced all-round blue-collar workers and project managers. They have been working together for many years and form a close-knit and streamlined team. Execon is an expert in every discipline in the trade: offices, residential projects, public buildings and renovations.


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Vanderstraeten biedt totaaloplossingen voor bouwprojecten. Wij staan in voor het mee ontwerpen, bouwen, financieren en onderhouden van gebouwen voor de publieke en private sector.  Samenwerking met alle betrokken partners staat hierbij centraal.  Hierbij investeren we in onze mensen, innovatie en kennis, waardoor we steeds kwaliteit voorop kunnen stellen.