Safety, quality and the environment

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Respect for our employees is at the forefront. This is why we are highly committed to safety. It is a shared responsibility. Senior management, managers, departments, consultative bodies and staff members must contribute consistently towards a safe, healthy and environmentally-friendly work environment. Each in their own way. An internal safety policy charts all aspects, risks, measures and points of attention. From hazardous products to ergonomics. From smoking ban to a tidy site. It is the bible for every employee. And the basis for quality. In every stage of the building process. 

VCA       ISO 9001      ISO 14001

Vanderstraeten is a Class 8 contractor, has VCA certification, ISO9001 certificate and a ISO14001 certificate. The highest possible safety and quality accreditations. But we go further. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and be more efficient, and not merely after labels. In every domain, in every contact. How can we optimise our processes? Who plays which role in this? And what impact does this have on results? Always with the same goal: a 100 percent satisfied customer.


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Vanderstraeten biedt totaaloplossingen voor bouwprojecten. Wij staan in voor het mee ontwerpen, bouwen, financieren en onderhouden van gebouwen voor de publieke en private sector.  Samenwerking met alle betrokken partners staat hierbij centraal.  Hierbij investeren we in onze mensen, innovatie en kennis, waardoor we steeds kwaliteit voorop kunnen stellen.