Our approach


Construction sites are our domain. It is where we are at our best. This is why we translated our method of operation into five ‘strategic sites’. 
Site 1 - A strong base
We ensure the continuity, autonomy and profitability of our company. Three guarantees for a healthy and stable future. 

Site 2 - Making customers’ lives easier
The customer comes first. Always. They receive our constant attention and can contact us at any time. We are extending our range of services, providing total solutions. From design to construction and from financing to maintenance. We take care of everything. 

Site 3 - Continuing to innovate, growing sustainably
We are constantly exploring new segments and setting up constructive models of co-operation. With a flair for solutions and a hands-on mentality, while at the same time maintaining our focus: creating added value and quality. 
Site 4 - Dedicated and healthy employees with the right expertise
Our greatest asset? Our employees! Their safety and welfare, even their frame of mind, is our top priority. At Vanderstraeten, everyone gets the chance to develop and flourish. In a flat structure and a pleasant atmosphere. 

Site 5 - Together for maximum efficiency and added value
We invest in smart partnerships, clever technologies and strong innovations. We share our knowledge and best practices with one another. This enables us to become smarter and stronger together. And we put the ‘c’ in collaboration!

Logo Let's Build Together



Vanderstraeten biedt totaaloplossingen voor bouwprojecten. Wij staan in voor het mee ontwerpen, bouwen, financieren en onderhouden van gebouwen voor de publieke en private sector.  Samenwerking met alle betrokken partners staat hierbij centraal.  Hierbij investeren we in onze mensen, innovatie en kennis, waardoor we steeds kwaliteit voorop kunnen stellen.